handling rejection as a business owner - 3 tips to help you manage

Handling rejection is part of everyday life. And…it happens in business all the time. A fishermen know that feeling a tug on your line doesn’t mean you’ll catch the fish. And good entrepreneur or business owner know that losing deals is just part of the process. So as an entrepreneur or business owner, preparing yourself […]

Handling Rejection As A Business Owner – 3 Tips To Help You Manage

10 must have plug-ins for your website

As good as WordPress and your theme may look and feel, you will need to add plug-ins to your website for additional functionality or look.   What Is A Plug-In? A plug-in is a piece of software that can be added to a WordPress site that allows people who have no experience in coding to […]

10 Must Have Plug-Ins For Your Website

laptop showing things you can do in google docs

There are many things you can do in Google Docs. Working in a corporate environment for many years, Microsoft Office was my go-to. However, as I started to build and grow my business, I have uncovered the wonders of Google Docs. In this post, I will talk about some of the awesome features of Google […]

7 Cools Things You Can Do In Google Docs

Google Drive Tips

Google Drive is a must have tool for anyone who is starting or running an online business. In the post below, I will talk through my favourite Google Drive tips. There are a number of benefits to using Google Drive. These include:- Stores everything in the one place Share info and work with peers Keep […]

8 Google Drive Tips To Make Running Your Business Easier

What Is A Lead Magnet? If you are just starting your new business and have been spending a lot of time on Google, you will have come across building your email list. The proven way of building an email list with engaged readers is to offer them a lead magnet. A lead magnet or an […]

How To Create An Awesome Lead Magnet

Networking Tips

Networking – do you love it or hate it? If you are an introvert like me, it can be a daunting experience. Below are some great networking tips to set you up for success. Networking is an integral part of building your career, regardless of the path that you choose to take. The purpose of […]

Networking Tips To Set You Up For Success

Outsourcing tasks is a common method of working collaboratively where you trust a task to another person. Whether you are working for someone, are a freelancer or run your own business, you’ll probably have to outsource some of the work at some point, and it can help you create your best work possible. It can […]

Outsourcing Tasks – Make More Time For The Things You Love

Do you know how to clean up your emails? Does your inbox drive you nuts? Are you a slave to that little email envelope in the corner of your computer? Do your emails impact on your ability to focus on the more important things in your work? Studies show that the average person receives between […]

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