A step-by-step program to help you start your own online business 


You’ve decided to start your own business. You’re ready to start living by your own rules and making your own schedules. You’ve got a great idea.

Cue Bon Jovi, you’re halfway there. But livin’ on a prayer doesn’t pay the bills.

It’s a scary thought leaving the security of your 9-5.

When do you have time to do all the necessary work? You’ve got your tabs open with 50 different courses all telling you they have the secret to online business success. Website, social media, SEO, lead magnets, marketing, and budgeting.

Where do you start?

The truth is, your business is made up of many different cogs. And the simple not-so-secret is get these cogs working together.

The Overwhelm Stops Now.

And Your Business Starts Here.

Setting Up A Business Is Simple. It’s Just Not Easy At First.

Hey, I'm Kasey

And I’ve invested thousands of dollars on every single one of those courses mentioned above. When I decided I couldn’t go back to the corporate cage, I knew I needed to start a business that was successful.

So I studied. A lot.  Implemented. A lot.  Tested. Tweaked. Trialed. Errored. A lot.

After months of sitting at my laptop every night after the kids and hubby went to sleep, the cogs started turning. I finally started to see sales notifications ping on my phone. While I was out at football practice. While I was dropping the kids off at school. I started making money without trading my time for money. And got paid to spend time with my family.

That’s how Business Basics was born. A system that works just so damn well mums are using it to escape their 9-5 jobs, spend more time doing what they love, and getting paid to create lasting memories with their families and friends.


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


What You Get:

// The 8 Basic Business Modules This is a proven formula for success.

// Tools and Resources list.

// Mentoring in the Private Facebook Group with me to answer any questions you may have.

// Access to a secure, private Facebook community to help share wins, seek advice, and be each other’s cheerleaders’ as we go on this journey together.

// Content updated regularly as the online business world changes.

A Simple Framework To Make Money While You Sleep


Business Basics

You're invited to join the 

A step-by-step program to help you start your own online business

Business Basics is all about setting the simple foundations for running a successful business.

From scratch.

Business Basics helps you navigate the huge learning curve you’ll inevitably experience when you start a business.


Thank you so very much still doesn't cover how grateful I am for what you have taught me. Fantastic course, worth every penny. I have learnt so much! 

their name

Setting Up A Business Is Simple.
It’s Just Not Easy At First. 

here's how it works

Module 1: Introduction + Getting You Ready

Module 4: Setting Up Your Website 

Module 5: The Admin Of Setting Up Your Business

Module 6: Finding Your Customers

Module 7: Start, Build + Grow Your Email List

Module 8: Business Systems, Outsourcing & Reviews

Module 2: Developing Your Business Idea

Module 3: Developing Your Product That Sells

The mindset makes the business and having the right mindset is the difference between success and failure.

In this module you’ll:

Understand the mindset of a successful entrepreneur
Develop a growth mindset
Understand your drive for starting a business
Discover why resilience is important and learn techniques to build resilience over time.

With your business goals locked in, it’s time to create your income streams and get you paid.

In this module you’ll:

Define the offerings you’re going to sell
Map out your income streams
Develop your pricing strategy
Create you digital products  

Your website is your online storefront and the place your people are going to pay you.

In this module you’ll:

Choose your domain and hosting
Decide on a Wordpress theme and install it
Understand visual branding tips.
Set up a website ready to make sales.

The back end of your business is just as important as the front end. It’s the stuff that takes your sale and puts it into your bank account.

In this module, you’ll:

Establish how to set your books up so you can access your money
Map out the support you need
Understand the costs involved in running a business
Understand what insurances you may need

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum and customers are the cornerstone of making money.

In this module, you’ll:

Understand what SEO is and how to access more information
Demonstrate the basics of blogging and how to write a blog post
Employ simple tactics using Pinterest as a way to get more followers for free
Understand social media basics and set up your social media platforms
Understand what a media kit is and components you should include

When running a business online, email lists are the key to successfully making sales.

In this module you’ll:

Understand how to set up your email lists and funnels
How to nurture your list into raving fans and customers
Set up a list with an email provider

Once you’ve got your basics set up, you’ll need to be ready to scale and grow quickly.

In this module you’ll:

Understand the systems to set up now to make scaling easy in the near future.
Develop a list of delegation and outsourcing to free up your time.
Establish a routine to review your business regularly to see what is working and what isn’t

All successful businesses start with a spark of an idea. We’ll develop that idea into achievable, actionable business plan..

In this module you’ll:

Define your business idea
Create your niche
Develop your business goals
Understand your business purpose with crystal clear clarity


By the end of Module 1, you will:-

understand the benefits of having a signature system, and 
how a signature system can help you stand out in your market or niche and help you to achieve significant, long-term business growth.

MODULE 1 - How Signature Systems Fuel Your Business

so now, it is over to you....

You work around your kids. When they’re at school, at after school activities, asleep. You’re completely focused on what’s in front of you at any given moment. Whether it's spreadsheets or homework.

You even have time for regular coffee dates with your bestie.

No more peak hour traffic. No more boss breathing down your neck. No more anxiety over weather you’ll get out early enough to catch the end of soccer practice.

You can even book a holiday whenever you want.

On top of this you’re nurturing and growing a business you can proudly claim is all yours. And you’re actually earning more than you were before.

Work Is On Your Terms. Life Is On Your Terms.

It’s Simple. It’s Business Basics.

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You are feeling stuck and overwhelmed 

You want to start an online business but don't know where to begin

You want to add additional income to pay your bills, clear debt or leave your 9-5 job

This course is designed for women who...

Business Basics can help you get started!


Do I need to have a business already?

No, not at all. Business Basics gives you the foundations to set up and run your own online business. Business Basics covers all aspects of how to start your own online business, turning your idea into a reality.

when will i get access to the ecourse?

You will receive access to Business Basics straight away.You will have lifetime access to the course and the course will be regularly updated as trends change.

do i need any experience prior to joining?

No, you do not need any experience as well. As long as you are committed, passionate and are willing to put in the effort, the results will begin to show.

still got questions?


Finally start your own online business and start living the awesome life you dream of.


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